Our goal is to never turn children away due to a lack of resources. Your support helps IEA serve highly able and creative youth of all backgrounds so no matter where they’ve been, they will have the tools to travel anywhere they want to go.

Make a Donation, Change a Life


While gifted youth make up 5-7% of the total student population, 75% of these young people receive little to no services. Gifted children are underserved and underfunded, and together, we can help them.

IEA’s expertise in the field of gifted education is to create nurturing, enriching experiences that foster each participant’s intellectual and personal growth. This exceptional population of children is often underserved by traditional educational programs. IEA benefits the whole child through optimally matched programs and impacts gifted children through respectful, positive interaction in a safe and supportive environment.

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Your Donation…

• Provides gifted youth with opportunities for support, growth and community – regardless of their background.

• Provides scholarships for families who do not have the financial ability to pay for services that meet their child’s intellectual and personal needs.

• Keeps tuition low to make programs and services for gifted youth less cost-prohibitive.

• Funds high-quality teachers, mentors, educators and experts  so they can be a resource for students and families.

• Provides resources, online and in-person, for families and teachers of gifted children to help them meet the needs of these exceptional children.

Please help support gifted children and IEA

Why I Support IEA

“We support IEA because they are able to imagine a healthy life for a gifted child. Their commitment to the whole child, in our case, included equally robust conversations on algebra and on clothing for our daughter. Her middle school years could have been a disaster, but they were (for the most part) quite good. We credit IEA for her happiness and will always support the Institute for Educational Advancement.”  – Kate and Bob

Sound Financial Stewardship


Every donation counts, no matter the amount. IEA greatly appreciates each individual donation received.  82 cents of every dollar donated to IEA goes directly to providing programs and services for gifted youth.

IEA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Thanks to supporters like you, we have provided programs for thousands of bright young minds across the country. You can help us continue this work.

Nautilus Society

Show Your Long-Term Dedication to Helping Bright Young Minds


Join the Nautilus Society by pledging to donate to IEA for three consecutive years and show your long-term commitment to supporting this exceptional population through much-needed programs and services. Sustained funding allows us to focus on directly serving the bright young individuals who need us.



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