10 Ways to Celebrate National STEAM Day!

November 5, 2019

November 8th is National STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Day! This day was created to encourage individuals of all ages to delve deeper into these exciting areas of learning. Parents, have your children pick an item off this list or make up their own way to celebrate!

  1. Write a poem or story about science.

Get writing! Tell a story about your favorite scientist as dramatically as you can, write poetry about a cool science fact, or describe a feat of engineering using your most vivid vocabulary.


  1. Teach your family about something you love.

The best way to learn something deeply is to teach it. Turn your family members into your students and tell them all about something you’ve learned recently whether it’s how to build the best paper airplane or how a chemical reaction works.


  1. Create nature art.

Make a leaf rubbing, stick sculpture, or tower of balanced pebbles to integrate both sides of your brain.


  1. Invent something to solve a problem.

What’s something you wish were easier? Design something to meet a need, starting with a blueprint and working toward a prototype.


  1. Test your brain with riddles.

Find challenging riddles on Ted-Ed or elsewhere, then attempt to solve them with your family.


  1. Head to the library.

Ask a librarian to help you find books about STEAM at your reading level. Reading is a wonderful way to find a new interest!


  1. Ask questions.

STEAM is all about asking creative questions and trying to find answers. Observe the world around you and keep a list of questions you come up with throughout the day: How do stoplights work? Why do some trees lose their leaves and not others? Then work with an adult to find the answers.


  1. Build something using recycled materials.

Gather items you normally would have thrown away – packaging, receipts, dried-out pen, etc. – and see what you can build out of the items!


  1. Interview a scientist.

If you were a scientist, what kind of scientist would you be? Research to find someone who has your dream job, then write them a letter or email asking them about their work and how they got to be where they are.


  1. See what IEA offerings are coming up!

If you’re local to the Pasadena area, check out our upcoming LABS workshops (7th-10th grade), check back for the Spring schedule of Academy classes (K-8th grade) in a couple of weeks or mark your calendars for when the EXPLORE (10th-12th grade) externship program application goes live!


Celebrating a different way? Comment below!



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