Flowers for Counsel

June 15, 2021

By Alexis Hopper

With the world beginning to reopen in this hopeful final chapter of the pandemic, I’m turning to flowers for wise counsel. 

Dandelions and Daisies unfold at light’s command. The Marvel of Peru (or 4 o’clock) opens in late afternoon and shuts come morning. Lilies have less observable triggers, their petals peel back in ruffles from pressure building within their cell walls. Paratonic movement refers to a plant’s response to various external stimuli, a term which doesn’t do justice to the tender and often arresting beauty of an eventual blossom.   

For as many ways that a flower responds to external forces, the timing of their petals opening and closing, again and again, is their best chance for pollination and protection from harm. I imagine similar forces working in our favor when negotiating a return to normal life, and look for signals that tell me I am ready. On my way to work, the corridor of purple jacaranda trees lining Del Mar Blvd. is a welcome sight. 

In little more than one week, IEA Academy will experience its own kind of blossoming, with students taking classes Monday through Thursday at our Learning Center in Pasadena. Eight classes in all, including robotics, chemistry, and podcasting, we are excited to share stories and fun photos of the action! If you missed the chance to join us this summer for an in-person or online class, we are here to help answer your questions for the fall. Every session is a new season for learning and fun, so stay tuned and stay in touch!