IEA’s Got Talent! 7 Reasons to Participate in our Summer Spotlight

June 17, 2021

By Nicole Endacott

The IEA team is thrilled to be able to start seeing our amazing students in person again, but we also want to keep deepening the connections we’ve built with families across the country. Whether you’re just checking out our offerings for the first time or are a longtime program participant, we invite you to connect with other gifted students across the country by participating in our Summer Spotlight: Student Talent Showcase!

Here are 7 reasons to participate:

  1. You’ll connect with like-minded families nationwide.

Our gifted and advanced students from across the country will be submitting their talents to the show. Whether your child submits something or your family just watches, you’ll be able to connect with our community members over your shared interests.

  1. Your child will have a project for the first weeks of summer.

Talent submissions are due on June 30th, but until then, your child can work on choreographing a dance, building a Minecraft world to show off, perfecting a scooter trick, or anything else they’d like to contribute!

  1. You may get inspired to try a new hobby.

Unlike most talent shows, anything is welcome on the IEA stage! You may see a student doing something you hadn’t thought to try. After watching, you may want to take on creative cake decorating, crochet dollmaking, or writing haiku.

  1. You’ll learn what IEA is up to in 2021 and beyond.

The show will be interspersed with updates from our staff on each of our programs’ recent successes and upcoming excitement. You’ll get to see familiar and new faces – and we may even share a talent of our own!

  1. You can update your family and friends.

This is the perfect opportunity to show your child’s grandparents, teachers, friends, and more what IEA is all about, while also sharing your child’s creative talent with them. Invite whoever you’d like to view the show so they can learn what your child has been up to.

  1. You’ll have an evening of entertainment.

Our student talents range from hilarious to awe-inspiring, but they’re all entertaining. Make a night of it by popping some popcorn or setting up a screen outside to tune in.

  1. You’ll support IEA.

Though the event is completely free, we hope to use it to connect with new families and raise awareness about the amazing community of gifted learners we support. We appreciate you sharing your talents with us!

To learn more about the event, visit our website. To submit a video of your act, click here. We hope to “see” you there!

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