Just Released: Public Attitudes Towards Gifted Education Poll Summary

August 14, 2018

The Institute for Educational Advancement is excited to announce the release of the results of IEA’s poll of voters about gifted learners, the first of its kind!

As a part of IEA’s effort to advance the cause of gifted students nationwide, IEA commissioned the first ever national survey assessing the American public’s views on gifted education. Linked below you will find a summary of the national survey, completed in 2016, that sought to understand the public’s perception of gifted students in the United States. This poll was designed in collaboration with leaders in the field of gifted education, including the National Association for Gifted Children, and conducted by Beneson Strategy Group and The Winston Group.

The summary contains helpful information about the state of gifted education in the U.S. and details recommendations for how to communicate about gifted students and advocate for this cause. Our hope is that this document would be a tool for the gifted community, families, teachers, and professionals alike to use when advocating for these unique learners.

Read the Poll Summary

Thank you to Alan Arkotov of University of Southern California, Dr. Jim Delisle, Dr. Shelagh A. Gallagher, René Islas of National Association for Gifted Children, Michael Petrilli and Chester Finn of Thomas B. Fordham Institute, Ann Smith of Gifted Support Center, Dr. Amy Shelton of Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth and Adam Umhoefer of American Foundation for Equal Rights for their assistance and support.

How can you use this information to advocate for gifted learners in your state? Share your ideas below!

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