Reflections of a First-Time Academy Student

August 7, 2018

By Eli McLaughlin, Academy Student

This summer was my first time at Academy. I had two classes, Ocean Exploration and Around the Wor(l)d: Letters and Language.

Academy Student

On the first day of Ocean Exploration, I was the second one there. I didn’t know what to expect since this was my first time at IEA. I met my classmates and my teacher, Nicole. I quickly realized that this class was going to be one of the best classes ever! During this class, we learned all about amazing undersea life including coral and zooplankton. We also made up our own sea animals, and learned why grotesque trash shouldn’t be in the ocean.

It was SO fun! Every day my dad asked, “How was it today?” and I burst out, “AMAZING!!!!!!!!!’’

Academy Student

On the first day of Around the Wor(l)d, we learned about syntax. Syntax is the order in sentences of which words go in. We talked about how different languages have different syntax. We also learned about Greek and Latin root words, and how they have a few similarities in spelling. Another one of the things we learned about was the language family tree, which shows how languages are related to each other. The best part of this class was that we got to invent our own languages!

At the end, I said, “L’académie est géniale!” (“The academy is great!”)

Taking IEA Academy classes really did change the way I think. I am super excited to go back!

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Eli McLaughlin is a seven-year-old Academy student.

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